Welcome to Prayer in the Nordics 24/7

The Nordic nations have a common calling to bring the gospel of the Kingdom to the ends of the earth. Our flags have been marked by the cross, as Christianity came to the north more than one thousand years ago. At that time, brutal Viking societies gradually changed as the Word of God was preached and demonstrated by missionaries, captivated slaves, and born-again natives. Children were not left in the wood to die because of some handicap, this practice was forbidden. Old people did not have to jump out of cliffs but were rather taken care of by their family. The idea of taking revenge was replaced by justice by law and the concept of forgiveness and grace. It did not happen overnight, but gradually by the influence of the spoken and demonstrated Word through centuries, the cross became the foundational concept of our nations. We are marked by the cross!

For one year we will stand together in prayer 24/7 as Nordic nations. We want to see that the Spirit of the Lord might find a resting place in the north. Through seeking His face, we believe that the glory of the Lord can go forth from the north to the nations. Once again, we pray that the Lord of the harvest will send forth workers to his harvest, both into our nations as well as into Europe and beyond. There are people waiting in darkness to hear the gospel for the first time. Father, let them wait no more!

When the Kingdom of God draws near, we can observe righteousness, peace, and joy among people. Whole communities and areas of the society are transformed by the gospel. Imagine what kind of joy that filled Jericho when Zacchaeus distributed half of his money to the poor, as well as gave back four times to those whom he had cheated. The Kingdom of God had visited his house, he was transformed himself, and the whole economy and rule of Jericho was shifted from unrighteousness into righteousness. That brought peace (shalom) that restored society and gave a new, fresh start for the marginalized. We believe that we should pray “Let your Kingdom come, let your will be done” regarding our nations.

Be a part of these 365 days of 24/7 prayer with believers from all over the Nordics. Every country will take responsibility during the week, and we need to help each other to finish this task. If you want to be informed, get weekly updates by signing up with your email-address when you create a user in the 24/7 registration.

Patrik Sandberg (Sweden), Christian Edlund (Sweden), Eva Sarsa (Finland), Rakul Kristiansen (Denmark), Betina Enemark (Denmark), Regin Skipa (Faroe Island), Kristvør Kolden (Faroe Island), Sanna Smidt (Faroe Island), Erna Eyjòlfsdóttir (Iceland), Ragnar Gunnarsson (Iceland), Moira Scott (Orkney), Andrew Harmsworth (Shetland), Jennifer Gordon (Caithness), Gina Stewart (Sutherland), Øystein Hilleren (Norway), Olaf Engsbråten (Norway) and Jon Steinar Kjøllesdal (Norway)