How to Build a Custom Closet Door

Add Great Simplicity and Style

The custom closets doors are great addition to any home. It can provide a little extra privacy, or it can be used as an accent piece in your bedroom. With the right materials and some DIY know-how, you too can build one of these doors today! We will walk you through everything that you need to do before heading off to your local hardware store for supplies.

The first thing that you will want to do is mark your door. This can be done by using a pencil and measuring tape, or if you have one available, the best option would be an architect’s scale.

When marking out your door use reference guides from other closet doors in order to ensure that it will fit into place properly once assembled. You are going to start with the top track of the frame first; this should sit at just over six inches above the floor line on most standard size home closets (the exception being high-end walk-in style closets). There should also be three tracks here as well – two vertical ones running down each side, and then one horizontal piece right across them both where they meet at the centerline of the door. The same basic setup is going to be used for the bottom track of this closet door, but you are only going to use two tracks here – both vertical and placed right alongside each other in the centerline area.

Custom Closets Doors

After marking out your frame lines on all sides you need to cut them with a power saw or by using hand tools if they are made from wood; metal frames will also require cutting tools that can handle it as well. This task may take some time so make sure that before beginning you have everything else sorted already; once complete though it should look good enough where no additional finishing work needs done on any part of it!

The next step involves adding a thin layer of soundproofing material between all three sections of the frame. This is not a must-do step, but it can really help to deaden any noise that may occur when opening and closing your new custom closet door. You can find this material at most hardware stores in the form of “door insulation” kits – just make sure that you select one that is meant for use with metal frames.

Now it is time to add the decorative trim around all four sides of the door. This will cover up those unsightly cut lines and give it a more finished look overall. There are many different types of trim available on the market these days, so take your time picking out something that will complement the existing style of your bedroom or home décor scheme.

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